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Online content for healthcare providers.

In the age of the Internet, don't get left behind.

     Tens of millions of Americans search the Internet looking for a particular healthcare provider. As a physician or other healthcare provider, that means your Web site has the potential to bring you new patients every day -- provided Web users can find your site.

     If patients can't find you -- or if they find your site to be off-putting -- they will go elsewhere. And if Google can't find you, you might as well not exist.

     Indeed, thousands of highly informative Web sites, each with hundreds of pages of content, never appear on search engine results pages. Interested readers rarely find these sites.

     So why do so many useful, relevant Web sites fail to appear on the results pages when a Web user performs a relevant search? Simple. The site's content has not been properly search engine optimized for Web use.

     In other words, it's not enough just to post an article on your Web site. All Web content must be optimized, using the keywords and keyword phrases your target audience is searching for, if you want to attract the right traffic and improve your search engine rankings.

     The best way to make sure potential clients can find your Web site is to make sure your Web pages have original, informative content that has been properly search engine optimized.

     In addition, getting people to your site makes up only half of the online marketing game. The other half is making sure that what visitors find when they arrive makes a good impression.

Forget the phone and the office visit -- your Web site will make the first impression.

      In the old days, a potential client's first impression of a professional's office happened with the first phone call or office visit. Today, their first impression is apt to be what they see on your Web site. This is a huge paradigm shift, and all the more reason that healthcare providers' Web sites must be approachable and easy to use, with plenty of patient-oriented, original online content.

     Physicians will find that having optimized Web copy will attract new clients and help grow their practice. Indeed, according to industry magazines and research reports, most of the fastest-growing practices today have Web sites with 100 or more pages of unique, optimized online content.

     In addition, organizations, hospitals, government agencies and others in the healthcare industry can increase their credibility and enhance their reputation by providing a site full of original content-rich Web pages.

     In today's market, aside from top-quality care there's nothing more important for gaining a competitive advantage and expanding your practice than a powerful Web presence.

At Hired Gun, we have broad experience writing Web copy for healthcare providers. Our team includes search engine optimization experts as well as Web writers with specialized knowledge of the health and science fields. They work together to create highly-readable, optimized online content to attract new patients and keep your current patients informed.

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