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Business writing for the healthcare industry.

   The healthcare industry—including the health, science and medical fields—has a growing demand for high-quality business writing services.

    Healthcare communications are quite diverse, and range from internal documents, like procedural and training manuals, to educational information for the public, to sales and marketing materials.

   Further, in the age of the Internet, agencies throughout the healthcare industry—from large corporations to private practitioners—are seeing their needs for readable, Web optimized content growing at a rapid rate. Business and organizations are increasingly publishing their healthcare communications on their Web sites. Such online content must be both reader-friendly and search engine optimized in order to attract traffic, engage your audience and improve your search engine rankings. If any in-house staff are trained in search engine optimization and have access to industry keyword research tools, companies should consult these individuals to help in creating the organization’s Web content.

   Because of the specialized nature of Web writing, and the considerable benefits it can bring when done right, those in the healthcare industry will need search engine optimization experts and specialized Web writers, with tools and know-how to create readable, optimized online content.

   In addition, given that the healthcare industry is highly specialized, it pays to use writers who specialize in healthcare. Amid the heavy competition and evolving technologies, writers who are knowledgeable about industry issues, solutions and trends will bring a big advantage to companies. Such expertise will improve the quality and effectiveness of all healthcare marketing materials, public relations and other communications.

   While in-house staff may have the necessary industry knowledge, they often lack the time and other resources to handle all of an organization’s writing needs. In this case, outsourcing projects to an experienced healthcare copywriter can save a company time and money—and result in a more effecting product.

Hired Gun’s specialized healthcare copywriting services

When you hire Hired Gun to create your healthcare communications, you get professional writers with years of experience writing for the health and science fields.

We know your industry, your audience, and your competition. If you wouldn’t let a computer programmer take out your appendix, don’t let a tech or traditional business writer handle your healthcare writing projects.

     Training and procedural manuals. Leave no question unanswered.

     Various agencies in the health, scientific, and medical fields have a need for procedural and training manuals, including hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Standard operating procedures and training documents must be clear, precise and easy-to-read. These must also be regularly updated, usually on an annual or bi-annual basis.

      However, facilities often lack the in-house resources to handle these writing demands. Hiring a professional writer can therefore save time and money, and result in exacting, explicit training and procedural documents for a well-informed staff.

     With years of experience, Hired Gun is uniquely qualified to write professional training and procedural manuals for the health and science industries. Our rates are extremely reasonable, and our turnaround time is quick. You get professional results with zero “writer hassles.”

     Educational literature: books, booklets, pamphlets, articles, fact sheets.
     Answer, educate, advocate.

     Clear, informative educational materials help keep the public informed and connected.

     Organizations or associations may publish in-depth books on a particular medical condition to serve as a guide for individuals and families dealing with the disorder, and to increase public awareness and understanding. Facilities or private practitioners use educational materials in pamphlets, brochures, newsletters, mailings, and on their Web site. Other materials may be distributed to the medical community to showcase recent developments.

     At Hired Gun, our educational literature answers readers' questions using clear, concise language. We help foster a connection between you and your audience by providing them with helpful, caring information.

     Consumer articles and Feature articles. Engage and inspire.

     Health and medical consumer articles also educate the public, but are written in a more casual, journalistic style. Consumer articles may incorporate personal stories and/or interviews with physicians, researchers, directors or patients. Your organization may submit these articles to magazines or newspapers in order to raise public awareness and support. Alternately, you can use them in your newsletter, gazette, on your organization’s Web site, and in fundraising and marketing materials.

     Health writing requires a special touch. At Hired Gun, we know how to tell a compelling story. We’ve written consumer and feature articles on a wide variety of health issues. Our clients say they get great feedback after publishing a Hired Gun article. Our writing style is smooth and engaging. Hired Gun articles help raise public awareness and generate support.

     If you plan on using an article in your online content, Hired Gun provides Web optimized feature articles. In a natural, free-flowing manner, we incorporate search engine optimized keywords and keyword phrases to draw target traffic to your site and improve your search engine rankings.

     Public relations, Sales, and Marketing materials: ad copy, brochures, direct mail/e-mail, newsletters/e-newsletters, press releases. Call your audience to action.

     At Hired Gun, our experience writing for the healthcare industry means we know how create marketing and public relations materials that speak directly to your audience.

     Whether you:

  • Need a powerful ad

  • Want to keep in touch with your clients with an informative, engaging newsletter/e-newsletter

  • Want to get your name and good works out there with a commanding press release

  • Want to highlight your services with a custom brochure or direct mail/e-mail campaign

     Our industry knowledge means your health communications will be on-target, engaging and compel your audience to act.

     Online content that gets results.Expand your reach.

      Your clients are searching for healthcare services online. Can they find yours?

     In order for your Web users to be able to find your site in online searches, you need a high search engine ranking for your relevant search terms. And for that, it’s essential that your site contain original, reader-friendly, Web optimized content.

     Web copy (that is, all writing published online) must include strategic language, including keywords, phrases and expert lingo—and be written in a smooth, natural, readable manner.

     Quality search engine optimized copy can attract target traffic to your site, engage your visitors, and improve your Web presence. That means more patients, more business, and more support.

     But physicians or other in-house staff often lack the time or the tools to produce Web optimized articles. In this case, hiring a professional writer—especially one with additional knowledge of your area of expertise—can save time, money and leave you with a highly-competitive Web site.

     At Hired Gun, our SEO experts and healthcare copywriters work together to create engaging, optimized online content that will grow your Web presence and your business.

Contact us for more information on our healthcare copywriting services, and see the difference Hired Gun's healthcare specialists can make.

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