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About Hired Gun Writing, LLC

   More personal than an agency, and more professional than your typical "freelance writer", Hired Gun Writing makes high-level services available to organizations of all sizes and budgets.

   We believe that fostering good client-vendor relationships improves the quality of our work and enhances our goals: To make our clients’ jobs easier, and to bring them success. We believe all organizations should have access to great content—not just the wealthy ones. We believe in using writing to forge a genuine connection between our clients and their audience. If we can make a reader laugh, think, or feel then we believe we can build lifelong relationships

between our clients and their customers. We’ve seen success with this approach bring success to our clients time after time—with business, nonprofit organizations and others.

   We never take on a bigger workload than we can handle, so each project receives the full benefit of our expertise and efforts. We know that effective online marketing will increasingly mean the difference between organizations that succeed and those that fail. Therefore, in addition to professional writers, our full-time team includes online marketing and SEO experts, in order to optimally empower our clients’ success. Depending on the project, we also regularly team up with graphic designers, and other professionals (at no cost to you)—to ensure you get the best possible product for the least amount of hassle.

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Hired Gun Writing is a Limited Liability Corporation.

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